New no win no fee for payments service launched

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BWL Consulting has launched a unique no win no fee solution to help construction businesses of all sizes pursue their dispute or claim without the worry of spiralling costs and ongoing legal fees.

The product works by enabling users to assess the success of their claim by BWL’s Legal Services Team before it is taken to a formal adjudication process. Strong cases will not need to pay any fees until the adjudicator gives the award, and if they are unsuccessful, a renowned insurer will cover the associated costs.

The product works by combining the expertise of BWL’s Construction and Dispute Resolution Solicitors with Govericks, a London-based Chartered Quantity Surveying firm. Acasta European Insurance Company Ltd will be acting as the underwriter.

Construction Contractors, Developers and Subcontractors with a dispute or claim simply input their details into the online form here and the Solicitors at BWL take the lead and guide the client through the next stages.

Paul Benson, Director of Legal Services at BWL, said: “We are extremely excited to launch our no win no fee product into the market as it will transform the way adjudication processes are financially de-risked for construction businesses.

“We are aware that subcontractors who have a dispute, often around commercial matters such as non-payment, are too afraid to take it through formal legal proceedings for fear of it being unsuccessful or costly. Our new product assesses the merit of the dispute before taking it through the adjudication process.

“BWL’s Solicitors have almost 20 years’ combined experience in construction law and we are confident that we can successfully support businesses who want to resolve their disputes. The added assurance of the underwriter instils even more confidence for subcontractors.”

For the first time, this creates a completely level playing field for contractors and subcontractors of all sizes to follow adjudication proceedings and is a first for the market and BWL Consulting.

If you have a construction claim or dispute you would like support with, look at our adjudication product here, and complete the online form and a member of our Legal Team will get back to you as soon as possible.