JIB plumbers and electricians rates 2024 to 2025

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Wages for JIB members is set into effect from Monday 1st January 2024 (in line with other wage rate changes). The increases for 2024 and 2025 have been publicised since July there are further updates to those rates. Full rates of pay can be found in Section 2 of the JIB Handbook (National Working Rules) and in Section 5 for the sector specific rates.

Two different wage rates apply to JIB graded operatives working on site, depending on whether the employer transports them to site, or whether they provide their own transport.
The two categories are:

JOB EMPLOYED (Transport Provided)

Payable to operatives and apprentices who are transported to and from the job by their employer.

JOB EMPLOYED (Own Transport)

Payable to operatives and apprentices who travel by their own means to and from the job.

There is a separate rate to accommodate those few operatives who are employed permanently at the Shop and who do not work on site.

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Standard national JIB rates 2024 to 2025
Standard national JIB rates 2024 to 2025
JIB London rates 2024 to 2025
JIB London rates 2024 to 2025
JIB apprentices rates 2024 to 2025
JIB apprentices rates 2024 to 2025

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