Carillon collapse left council with £13.5m defects bill

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Oxfordshire County council spent £13.5m fixing defects left by collapsed building firm Carillon after several local authority contracts were abandoned after the firm was dissolved.

Oxfordshire County Council was working Carillon on an agreed a 10-year contract with the company in 2012, which was already due to end early when it went into liquidation in 2018.

After the firm went bust the bill to correct problems was astronomical after the defects were found by the authority.The corrective works were finished in March which included solving issues at schools, a park and ride and a fire station.

The construction giant  went into liquidation as reported by after it ended up £1.5bn in debt and no deal could be reached to save it.

The local authority initially set £25m aside to pay for repairs for poor-quality jobs in 2018, having taken back control over most of its services the previous year

Other issues were highlighted and showed issues were resolved at 24 different schools across the county se to a freedom of information request .

More issues were found at the Bicester Park and Ride, Thame Fire Station and Great Western Park in Didcot.

Many children where left without playgrounds and classrooms after being left half-finished after the firm went bust.