Weston homes offers £20000 reward for robbery info (Video)

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Weston homes are searching for theft who made of with £250000 worth of material and equipment from their depot in Southend, Essex and are now offering a £20000 reward for information regarding those involved.

Weston homes theft
Weston homes theft

They were caught on CCTV brazenly loading-up lorry fulls of material during the heist which lasted two days over a weekend last month.

Weston Homes bosses have become frustrated by the speed of the police investigation into the incident and are appealing for help directly to the construction industry and general public.

Michael Alden, Commercial Director at Weston Homes said: “This audacious robbery will eventually end up costing our company up to three quarters of a million pounds to a million pounds in losses once building delays, material reordering, time and legal costs are taken into account.

“We are deeply disappointed in the slow police response and their lack of resourcing to assist, hence we have decided to offer a reward to members of the general public, and also publicise the robbery via a video and social media.”

For any leads / tip offs on the robbery members of the general public can contact Weston Homes on either email: securityhotline@weston-homes.comor Tel: 01279 874 193.

Weston Homes has produced a special three-minute Crimewatch-style video that shows close up video footage of the suspects: