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Terms of use

Our terms of use

The following terms mean
  1. The customer, contractor or company means any party or third party that purchases services from us.
  2. Tradesman means any person who is registered within our database and who is active or inactively seeking work.
  3. Services means any recruitment facilities provided by us for either party to recruit or gain employment.

This website is owned by National trades ltd, use of this website and its various facilities are only available by accepting our terms and conditions. By visiting and using the National trade’s website you are accepting the terms and conditions may affect any third party information being incorrect or misleading.

The information provided and available are to aid the individual looking for temporary, full time or any other kind of employment and also for any employers or contractors looking to find suitable person or persons.

As a company or contractor you may use print and down load information from National trade’s website only for the purpose of seeking contractors or contractors seeking employment. The use of any other information being displayed, copied or sent electronically by any media is not permitted.

Use of this site does not give the user any rights to any of the material contained within the site. All copyrights database ownership rights are the property of National trades ltd.

Tradesmen seeking employmentAny tradesmen seeking employment or companies seeking tradesmen through the National trade’s website are not overseen by us therefore we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any misleading information provided by either party.

Verification of any details from either party must be carried out to insure transparency for both parties.

Availability of tradesmenTradesmen or operatives who are registered with nationaltradesmen.co.uk must agree to keep their availability up to date. The information provided by you will form part of your profile and all requested details displayed are charged to the company or contractor. Therefore it is your responsibility to keep all information in your area correct. If any information you provide is misleading or complaints are made about you we reserve the right to remove you from the national trades database. We do not except any responsibility, liability or loss of earnings for any tradesmen, operatives, companies or contractors in our terms and conditions.

Passwords received or used
Passwords used by either company contractor tradesman or operative are the sole use of the person they are issued if company’s require multiple passwords or user areas they must contact us .Any misuse of passwords or any of the terms and conditions that they are accepted under will be deemed as a breach of these conditions and the account will be suspended.

Nationaltradesmen.co.ukAll services provided by Nationaltrades.net are to assist tradesmen and companies or contractors to find employment or suitable candidates for temporary of any kind of employment. We do not provide or accept any responsibility or liability for any of the suitability of either company or tradesman to any employment or contract.

You must obtain verification of any information provided on the Nationaltradesmen.co.uk website before using this information to gain or employ a candidate, no liability will be excepted for loss or damage resulting from this.

LiabilityOur liability for any loss of earnings through use or misuse of National trades website to either company, contractor or tradesman and also includes any loss of future earnings profit or speculative returns expected by either parties.

UK LawAll matters concerning theses terms and conditions shall be in accordance to UK law and disputes shall only be recognised by UK law.

Termination of subscription Companies or contractors terminating their subscription to National trades will notify their cancellation no less than thirty days from a contract month. The termination of subscription before the agreed term will result in loss rights to access the Nationaltrades data base.

We may terminate subscription if

  1. Customers, Companies or contractors are in breach of any of our terms and conditions.
  2. If Customer, Companies or contractors cease to trade or becomes insolvent.
Limitation of liability
Our total liability to the Customer companies or contractor in respect of any Services, except for death or personal injury caused by our negligence, is limited to the total amount paid to us during the Contract Term for such Services or £5000, whichever is the greater.

Employment agencies and third party recruitersEmployment agencies and third party recruiters may use the national trades service to post or recruit tradesmen but the national trade’s ethos is behind tradesmen finding employment directly through companies or contractors.

So when registering you must submit that you are an agency, and when tradesmen are contacted they will know you are an agency so they can decide if they would like to work through you or wait for companies or contractors to contact them.

If you wish to post a job or contact any of our tradesmen you agree to all of the terms and conditions and it is your responsibility that advertisements placed on nationaltrades.net must comply with your obligations under the Act and Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2004.

You also agree as defined by the Employment Agencies Act 1973 (‘the Act’) and all of its regulations, if you do not you will affect you rights as an employment agency.

National tradesmens’s rules
Nationaltradesmen.co.uk reserves the right to remove or alter postings without liability which do not follow are rules, these rules are to insure the searching though the national trades database is unbiased and clear to all users. Rules may be changed or developed at our discretion .

Our rules

  1. No misguidance or duplication of jobs in any shape or form.
  2. No canvassing or gaining details of tradesmen or operatives, genuine jobs only.
  3. No email or website links to be contained within job postings only links approved by Nationaltradesmen.co.uk in the correct areas are allowed
  4. No misleading use of text ie key words to influence job position
Any advertising or links provided or displayed on the Nationaltradesmen.co.uk website will have to be fully agreed within our terms and conditions and may not be discriminatory or misleading in any way. We accept no liability or loss for any advertisements being removed but will inform you upon advertisements being removed.

Your responsibility to advertisementsAny advertisements posted or tradesmen available on the national trade’s database and we do not guarantee any response from or to any tradesmen or operatives active on our database. It is the companies, contractor or any other third parties responsibility to check the qualifications, details and records of any applicant or tradesman. You therefore indemnify us from any claim brought by an individual to nationaltrades ltd through breach of any of our terms and conditions.

Regulated advertisement links to another site via nationaltrades.net are the responsibility of you. The maintenance of the links and for your advertisements and the site are your responsibility. Any advertisement which contains content or links to a site that is illegal will be removed. Any site which is linked by Nationaltradesmen.co.uk is therefore indemnified by you for any claim brought by an individual to nationaltrades ltd through breach of any of our terms and conditions.

Use of national trade’s database Employment agencies or recruitment agencies using the national trades database that you are aware of the Employment agencies act and know what the act means to you and your recruitment procedures and guidelines. Any actions taken by you as a recruitment agency must follow the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2004.

All database rights are copyrighted to National trades ltd you acknowledge that use of this database is solely for the use of gaining or seeking employment and that use of this database and its information do not give you any rights to the national trade’s database under these terms and conditions.

You or your company may only access the database when using the free trail or have subscribed to national trades services.

You may use the database when

    • You are using the database to find or search for suitable candidates to fill jobs or contracts you have or may have available.
    • Using the information you have obtained to contact or to be contacted by a tradesman or operative (through national tarde’s or directly)
    • Using the information you have obtained though Nationaltradesmen.co.uk only for recruitment purposes and for no other reasons

you may not use the database

  • To allow or misuse any of the information obtained by you for recruitment purposes or use the information for any other marketing or selling of products other than to help or aid tradesmen to gain employment. At all times you must agree to comply with the Data protection act 1998 and all of its conditions and legislations.
  • You must not use the national trades database to copy, duplicate, sell, licence or share among any companies or organisations.
  • Download the database or any of the information using specialist software to gain advantage or groups of information.

Database maintenanceAll jobs posted and accounts that are active will cease to become active after the subscription is discontinued or jobs posted are over sixty days old. It is the responsibility of you to manage job postings and renew or delete details or information as you are informed. We do not accept any liability for any loss occurring from and incorrect postings or accounts that are discontinued (please contact customer services if you wish to renew accounts)

Dealing with tradesmen and operativesAgreeing to our terms and conditions you agree to treat all tradesmen or operatives who you contact fairly and equally and do not use the national trades database to bring national trades into disrepute.

Job alerts Agreeing to our terms and conditions you agree allow national trades ltd to send you job alerts if you have signed up for them you can remove these alerts at any point under your dashboard.

Removal of details At any point any recruiter or candidate has the right to be removed from nationaltradesmen.co.uk website data base and applications to do this you must contact the information officer for national trades Ltd.

Nationaltrades ltd company address contact 

49 FergusonWay Kesgrave Ipswich Suffolk IP52FZ

Mr Gregory Nelson greg@nationaltradesmen.co.uk