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About Us

So you can get to know us better

NationalTradesmen.co.uk has been created by tradesmen for tradesmen/women helping contractors find work and companies find workers. Have you noticed that no one advertises in local papers anymore well, this site was designed to keep construction operatives within the Industry working, we all know that one day you are in work and the next day you are looking for work.

We started this site with the intension is to help construction industry and its workers including school leavers and apprentices in to work.

We thought the best way to achieve this was to have most of the construction workers in the UK registered with National Trades, then any employer, subcontractor or builder can find the type of skilled operative they require through simple searches on the site, the employer can then select the user with the correct competence card and skills within that particular area.

Employers can then simply ask if they are available through Nationaltradesmen.co.uk, it is then up to the operative to reply if they need work at that time.

Nationaltradesmen.co.uk also provides extensive forums with relevant information on construction, and has different areas for each trade which intends to empower the users of nationaltradesmen.co.uk to find employment and share experiences within the nationaltradesmen.co.uk community.

Nationaltradesmen.co.uk also aims to provide school leavers and construction students a place to seek for employers and apprenticeships helping young construction operatives find employment.

Employers, subcontractors and builders may also post jobs or apprenticeships with particular requirements on National Trades making there posted jobs available to everyone throughout the UK. We are continuing to improve the site so for future developments follow us on twitter and face book or just use the forums to let us know what you think about the site.