Two men killed in blast at digger bucket maker

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A large explosion has killed two me at a digger bucket makers in Norfolk on Monday morning the blast at Harford Attachment’s plant in Hellesdon where the firm makes excavator buckets and quick hitches for the construction industry.

Two-men killed in factory
Two-men killed in factory

Norfolk Police said: “Two men, one aged in his 50s and the other in his 20s, were sadly pronounced dead at the scene.

“Both men, who were employees, were found within a room inside the building. No one else was injured.”

Fire crews and the air ambulance were also called to the scene.

Ashley Cashfield, who works at a nearby building, told the BBC he saw “very thick, black plumes of smoke rising quite slowly” from Harford Attachments, before the emergency services arrived.

“It didn’t look very nice at all,” he said. “There was lots of panic in people’s eyes.”