Banks man killed by boom of crane on new Queensferry Crossing on the Forth

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A 60-year-old construction worker has been killed after being hit by the boom of crane he was directing on the Queensferry Crossing project in Scotland.

Queensferry Crossing project in Scotland
Queensferry Crossing project in Scotland

The ongoing dangers in the construction industry have been tragically highlighted today (April 28th) following the death of a work on the New Queensferry Crossing on the Forth.

It is understood that a 60 year old worker was killed after he was hit by the boom of a crane he was directing. The worker suffered severe blood loss, he was taken off site but could not be resuscitated.

Harry Frew Regional Secretary for UCATT Scotland, said: “UCATT sends its sincere condolences to the family of the worker who has suffered this tragic accident. It is impossible to imagine how they must be feeling.”

The fatality is particularly poignant as it occurred today (Thursday 28th April) on Workers’ Memorial Day. This is the day when workers across the world come together to remember the dead and vow to fight like hell for the living.

Mr Frew, added: “UCATT will be doing everything it can to find out how and why this accident occurred and to ensure that similar fatalities are prevented in the future.”