Excavator rescues worker from 4 metre hole

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The Fire and Rescue Service in Oxfordshire County Council were mobilized after a report of a man who had fallen down a 4 metre deep hole on the Great Tew Estate in Chipping Norton.

Two fire engines were called to the Great Tew Estate, near Chipping Norton at 9.21pm where they found a construction worker had broke both his legs in the fall and fire crews improvised with an excavator to rescue him from the hole along with the specialist rope rescue team.

An Excavator was put into use by the fire crew and its operator to set up a rope lifting system to tether a basket stretcher and act as a crane to lift the casualty out.

Excavator rescues worker form hole
Excavator rescues worker form hole

The construction worker had broken both bones in his right lower leg, and was taken to hospital by South Central Ambulance Service crews, who stabilized his condition at the bottom of the hole.

Group Manager David Bray Incident Commander,commented  : “This was an excellent example of partnership working with our colleagues in South Central Ambulance Service, although an unusual incident all crews worked really well together to achieve a successful outcome as the incident required both specialist rescue knowledge & equipment and medical expertise.

“Working together we quickly agreed a plan to utilise on-site excavation equipment and our rope rescue equipment to enable us to safely descend into the hole, assess the casualty and remove him in very short order.

“The incident was further complicated by the onset of darkness and the need to assess the air in the hole to make sure it remained breathable – Fire crews quickly illuminated the area with floodlights carried on the fire engines and took an air sampling unit with them to ensure that the atmosphere remained safe whilst carrying out the rescue.

“Our crews train regularly in a wide range of scenarios to prepare for these types of incidents, and this enabled them to quickly devise a plan to overcome the challenges faced at this incident.”

It seem that the quick thinking of the fire crew and the excavator driver helped speed the recovery of the man to hospital so he could receive treatment at hospital.