Four workers injured by roof truss collapse

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A contractor from Worcestershire has been fined £24000 by Nuneaton Magistrates’ Court after four contractors were injured by a falling truss the accident that happened at Brandon Court, Binley, Coventry, on 26 June 2014.

One of the workers had his legs trapped by the truss the other two suffered minor injuries the fourth worker suffered major grazing and fractured his lower spine and had many months of work.

The Magistrates’ Court heard that DP Designs Ltd were running the job it was said that due to an omission during the planning the project a critical structural truss was not notes and the workers tried to get over the problem by installing the truss in an incorrect manner when the workers realized they could not fit the truss they braced and left the truss and got on with other work.

The following day, one of the trusses broke lose from its bracing and because the other trusses were temporally connected to that truss this brought down the other trusses unfortunately the men were working underneath when this occurred.

An  investigation by the HSE found out that if the correct method statements and procedures were followed that the accident would not have happened and the workers would not have been injured and if appropriate fall prevention procedures had been carried out by the company those who were injured whould not have been injured so badly.

A total fine of £24,000 and  costs of £1,106.15 were handed out to DP Designs Ltd, of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, after they pleaded guilty to two safety breaches.

HSE Inspector Chris Gregory, commented: “As the principal contractor DP Designs Ltd should have ensured the roof truss installation was properly planned, appropriately supervised and, above all, safe.

“The company had a duty to inform those, who may be affected, of any changes to the plan that may impact on their work, in this case the company failed to inform workers of changes that led to the structure becoming unstable.

“Where work at height is involved, companies should also provide suitable measures to prevent falls and, secondly, provide equipment to mitigate the outcome of any falls. However, as a result of the DP Design Ltd’s failings, four men were injured.”