PCA and CITB launch guidance on Basement construction

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The property Property Care Association have release clear guidance for those wishing to construct basements. 

Basement report

The report funded by the CITB outlines the specifications need to ensure a quality regulated build the report covers the installation of both new and refurbishment projects and looks to concentrate on the dry packing and underpinning of projects before they are made water tight with specialist made materials.

Mike Bromley, technical manager at the Property care association : “The basement waterproofing industry has grown considerably in recent years and many PCA contractor members are now involved in what is a highly-skilled area of business.”

“Full specification basement systems can be expensive, but when the system is poorly designed and/or incorrectly installed, the cost of remedial work can exceed the original cost.”

“Design faults and poor installations have caused earlier systems to fail and it has later been shown that certain practices and materials are now unsuitable in certain environments.”

“The PCA Structural Waterproofing Group, a proactive steering group of the trade body, recognised a number of specific areas where good practice guidance should be produced, so we have developed technical guidance documents to act as a guide and reference.”

The full documentation is available from the PCA  here PCA basement documents .

I personally think is a quality report that answers lots of areas like.

  1. Piled and beam or knuckle underpinning
  2. Pile and beam underpinning
  3. Traditional underpinning excavation of sequential pits

Be sure to look at the report.