Ipswich snowasis news

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Ipswich SnOasis has seen increased planning interest from the department of transport as the county of Suffolk looks to secure the largest snow dome in the country.

The station at Little Blakenham looks set to become the hub for the upgrade in transport links to the development which was due to start last year.

The department of transport as asked the developers Onslow Suffolk to submit a business plan for the station and the proposed development.

If approved, it would be included in the next tendering process for railway operators which will begin in 2013 allowing the SnOasis complex to open in 2015.

Building a new railway station is a condition of the planning permission for the complex, which was granted to Onslow by Mid Suffolk District Council in 2008.

Godfrey Spanner, manager of Onslow Suffolk, told the BBC: “The hold-up has been that we have not had the ability to negotiate terms of operating our railway station with a railway operator.

“There were no promises made by the DfT, but we found a path forward that will allow us to be included in the next round of tenders and the next railway operator should be in place in 2014.

“We’re no longer at stalemate and I’m very optimistic for the first time in 18 months.”

Spanner said the investors are still in place and he estimated SnOasis would open in 2015.

The Mountfield Group has been lined-up for several contracts on the job.

Let’s hope this one gets the go ahead soon so we can see the benefits that construction of such a large sporting centre can bring to Suffolk.