National specialist Contractors Council calls time on late payments

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A report from the National specialist Contractors Council urges the government to intervene in the late payments of contractors and suppliers in the building industry.

NSCC Report
NSCC Report

National believe this is a top priority and will be reporting on the outcomes the council went on to say.

“There is a real opportunity at this moment in time to fundamentally change the payment culture in the UK.

“We saw a similar response at the Construction Health and Safety Summit called by the Government over 10 years ago when the industry was held to account and told to improve its health and safety performance or legislation would be implemented.

“Since then, the construction health and safety record has improved dramatically and the fatality rate fallen by almost two thirds.

“The industry can change its behaviour; it just needs clear direction and a sanction to make it happen.

“As long as late payment is socially acceptable and public sector contracts are awarded to companies known for their poor payment practices, it will continue to be a problem .

“Late payment should become socially unacceptable and companies should be publicly ‘named and shamed’ on their payment performance .

“This should include both average contractual payment terms and the average number of days that a company takes to actually make payment.”

Now for those that have worked in the industry sometimes individuals waiting far to long for payments this would be a god send.