Residential housing sales rise

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Let’s hope that people keep buying houses and that sales continue the upward trends reported by National House-building Council showing over eight thousand new house registrations.

Although public sector housing registrations remained depressed, down by 42%, dragging total registered starts down 21% May to July 2012 compared to last year.

Richard Tamayo, NHBC Commercial Director said: “July’s registration figures showed that the sector bounced back from a poor June. The sector continues to show a consistent pattern of decline compared to the same period in 2011.

“Next month’s anticipated announcement of the Coalition’s detailed plans to relax the rules that require private house builders to include substantial social housing in large projects will undoubtedly benefit the private sector.

“It may even result in some support for social housing volumes; a reduced social proportion of a viable site is better than a theoretically larger proportion on a site which is made unviable and therefore never developed at all.”

The long and short is developers want to build houses but are sometimes put off by the percentage  of social housing  needed so planning can be granted, therefore making developments less profitable.

This is why we are seeing lobbying in parliament for the reduction of the social housing element which needs to be provided to reach current planning laws.

I can see their point as well on an estate where you pay say £300000 for a house and the bloke across the road can be on benefits in the same area, but put the shoe on the other foot, well we all need some where to live.