Blasted rocks from building site smash windows.

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Heard of considerate construction scheme well I think that MacTaggart and Mickel should be the un-considerate construction scheme after blasting rocks that were in the way of trench foundations.

Locals complained about smashed windows and tremendous earth shattering noises when contractors were brought in to remove the solid rock form the trench.

The incident occurred in East Renfrewshire village of Eaglesham and the people seemed to be shocked by the disrurbance and locals had no knowledge that the blasting was taking place.

One told local STV News: ”The whole house shook and rocks showered down all over, damaging homes and cars. There are debris and rocks strewn all over the roads and in people’s gardens.

“I think at least 20 houses have been affected and there’s been windows panned in, house tiles smashed, cars damaged – I think it’s very lucky no one got killed.

A spokesman for the construction firm said: “The incident took place earlier this afternoon during planned groundworks at our Eaglesham development, Polnoon.

“While there is no evidence of anyone being injured our immediate priority is the safety of the local community, residents and personnel on site.

“We are working with the emergency services who are on site and have a team of skilled tradesmen on standby to secure and repair affected properties.”

“An investigation has already begun to establish the cause of the incident.”

Let’s hope they get to the bottom of it.