Government backs building schemes

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Tell everyone in the building trade something they have known for the last four years we need to start building and quickly to generate growth within the faltering economy.

Building did provide %10 of GDP output, now I have a guess it’s half that,  the government have realised that without building and the other industries it supports growth will be substantially lower so through various schemes like the one discussed in this article and more to be announced in the coming months.

Some £500m of public money is being made available to private developers in England to help them get housing and commercial projects off the ground.

Ministers say projects have stalled due to problems with road access, contaminated land and flood risks.

They say local enterprise partnerships will now be able to apply for money to overcome those sorts of hurdles.

But Labour said the move was an admission that scrapping regional development authorities was a mistake.

The 38 local enterprise partnerships (LEPs) in England are made up of councils and businesses, and have a remit to stimulate economic growth in their area.

They replaced regional development agencies (RDAs), created by Labour, which the government says were “centrally-led”, “unaccountable” and unsuccessful at tackling inequality.

Labour’s shadow communities and local government secretary Hilary Benn said: “This announcement is a huge admission from the Tory-led government that abolishing the regional development agencies and the £1.4 billion of funding they received each year was a mistake.

“If this funding is simply to help the new local enterprise partnerships do some of the work that was previously done by the RDAs unlocking and co-ordinating investment projects, but with much less funding, then people will feel short-changed.”

So these government backed building schemes are back with a vengeance and because many of the tradesmen have left the job because of poor pay and nonexistent contracts, will we expect another wave of overseas workers?