Kim Barker Construction fined over drilling injuries

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Another horrific injury simple health and safety would have prevented this by just equipping the operative with a road cable scanner the story is a as follows.

A firm has been fined after a construction worker was badly burnt when he struck an underground cable while drilling to put up a sign.

Richard Baisley was burnt on his face, chest, hands and arms after drilling though the 415-volt cable resulting in an electrical explosion.

The location of the cable was not established by Kim Barker Construction.

The Scunthorpe company admitted safety breaches and was fined £13,000 by the town’s magistrates.

The court was told Mr Baisley, 26, and a fellow employee had been instructed by a director of the company to dig two holes outside their site entrance so they could put up a new company sign.

‘Fatal consequences’

Part way through the job, the workers hired a drill to break through some concrete.

When Mr Baisley was drilling, the concrete gave way and he pierced the cable.

The court was told he spent three days in hospital and was unable to return to his job as a welder. He was left with permanent scarring.

Inspector John Dutton, from the Health and Safety Executive, said: “This is an example of how a simple job, no matter how straightforward it may seem on the face of it, can have serious, if not fatal consequences if not properly planned.

“There are lessons from this case that are relevant to many companies who decide to carry out such work.

“First and foremost, when digging where underground services may be present, a firm needs to carry out an investigation to locate these services.”

The company was fined £13,000 and ordered to pay £2,039.10 in costs.