Labour vows to curb influx of foreign builders

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Oh take me back to 2001 when wages were high and you could walk on any site and get a job it was so easy, until we signed up to go in the EU then all hell broke loose in the labour market in the construction industry. Labour estimated 15000 polish workers would come to the UK looking for work how wrong they were more like 3 million EU workers came once the borders were relaxed, another massive balls up.

10 years later Ed Milliband thinks we may have a problem no shit Serlock, I could have told you that 10 years ago anyway that’s me ringing the bells of justice, here is the story.

Labour leader Ed Milliband wants to get more British workers into construction by reforming the “brutish” labour market which encourages the use of low-paid foreign builders and allows contractors to neglect training.

In an interview with The Guardian, Milliband highlighted construction as a problem area and said Labour would take steps to reform current recruitment practices.

He said: “There has been a collision of a large amount of immigration from eastern Europe and a UK labour market that is frankly too often nasty, brutish and short-term.

“If you need a builder, it is good that there are more coming into the country and lowering the price of construction, but if you are a British builder it is less beneficial.”

Policies put forward by Labour include regulating employment agencies so they cannot advertise they have only foreign workers on their books and an early warning system so that job centers councils and national government can identify sectors like construction where the workforce is dominated by low wage labour from other countries.

As I said It’s a bit late now.