UK faces massive shortage of construction workers

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Well tell us something we don’t know construction output hit rock bottom in 2009 and the wages suffered by as much as 40% and people have left the trades to do something more valuable with their working lives I personally am a prime example of this earning nearly a £1000 a week to then having no work older guys than me just gave up and are left on the slag heap and that to me that stinks.

Now we are coming out of the dip there’s a lack of skills I think construction workers are fed up of being treated like they are bottom of the pile with poor working conditions and no job security so have left like birds in the night because of the poor money as well.

After the scandal of the blacklists by Mcalpine and other large construction companies and the increasing pressure to pass the blame onto workers for the health and safety it’s not surprising that workers are a bit sick of the construction industry me included.

We also have the influx of foreign workers which was engineered to push down wages for people like you and me by those traitors in parliament to contend with. Yet when someone says something about it they are branded bigots and racists.

This is what Mr Farage has to say about the current situation and although I don’t agree with everything he says I think he has hit the nail on the head with this.

“Being a tradesman is no longer the job it used to be because wages and stability have been cut by mass immigration from Eastern Europe. “

Nigel Farage

So poor money poor conditions and surprisingly low wages at a time of high inflation you wonder why youngsters are avoiding the trades there needs to be a complete rebalance of how people perceive builders, because without tradesmen building houses, schools and hospitals, those who are regarded far too highly in society would not have places to work sleep or party.