FHA HUD Foundation Certification Washington Engineers

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What is FHA HUD Engineered Foundation Certification for Manufactured Homes? Why Is It Required In Washington State?

An engineer’s FHA HUD foundation certification in Washington State is required by lenders for manufactured homes being purchased or refinanced with a VA, FHA, or USDA mortgages.  Moreover, these services include an on-site inspection of the home to assess compliance with the requirements of HUD-7584 (Guidebook 4930.3G) Permanent Foundations Guide for Manufactured Housing, dated 1996.

After an foundation inspection, providing the home complies, the engineer issues a certified letter of compliance with a Professional Engineer seal. On the other hand, if found to not comply you will receive a letter stating the findings and what you need to do for your home to be brought into compliance.

Why and When Did This Get Started?

In 1992 Hurricane Andrew then the Northridge earthquake in 1994 thousands of federally funded manufactured homes were destroyed. As a result, the foundations were found to be inadequate for high winds and seismic events.  Thus, in 1996 the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) issued HUD-7584 to create a higher standard for manufactured home foundations.

In most cases HUD-7584 exceeds the requirements of most local and state jurisdictions setting a “high benchmark” to qualify for federal funding. Although this requirement does not apply to conventional bank mortgages or cash purchases, it does make good sense for your manufactured home.

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Who Pays for The Foundation Certification Inspections and or Repairs?

Usually, the lender will require that the buyer pay for the inspection.  However, in cases of non-compliance, it is typically the Seller’s responsibility to pay for any corrections needed.  This can range from hundreds of dollars up to thousands.

Normally the fixes range from hundreds of dollars up to thousands. In our experience the homes are found to be inadequate for wind and seismic needing either earthquake resistant bracing or tie-downs.

The Advantages for Sellers to Get Foundation Certifications Ahead of Selling. Call On  Washington State Engineers.

The benefit for the seller is this, listing your home as eligible for VA, FHA, or USDA financing.  When buyers are made aware that your home meets all requirements for financing, they are more inclined to begin negotiations. Obviously, this is also a great incentive to both the buyer and the real estate agent. So, call on a Washington State engineer to help.

You can choose from any of these Engineering firms that have Washington State stamps to get your home inspected and certified.

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