Government launches Construction Playbook

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The government has launched a new set of guidelines on how it will work with the industry to make sure public projects are delivered on time and on budget.

The Construction Playbook will focus on making builds greener and more sustainable moving forward it also highlights the role that construction will play in the UK’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

Some of the Key Measures include:

  • Modernising construction by standardising designs and parts, as well as embedding digital technologies including the UK Building Information Management Framework
  • Providing greater certainty to construction through long term plans for key programmes. This will include longer term contracting across a range of areas which will give industry the certainty required to invest in new technologies, delivering improved productivity and efficiency savings

  • Investing more in training and apprenticeships, driving forward innovation in construction, boost productivity and focus on value for money in public sector developments.
  • Incentivising industry to innovate by focusing on the output of what government want a project to achieve, rather than micromanaging how it is done

  • Greater focus on building positive relationships with robust contract management between project leads and industry

Lord Agnew Cabinet Office Minister commented saying that: “As the largest construction sector customer, government is in an ideal position to ensure that the industry is productive, professional and delivers value for money for taxpayers.

“By adopting the new Construction Playbook, developed with industry partners, we will help ensure that the sector becomes greener and more innovative.”

The CEO of Tideway and Co-Chair of Construction Leadership Council Andy Mitchell commented saying that: “The Government can influence the whole direction that our sector takes with the way it buys new public buildings and infrastructure.

“The Construction Playbook commits us all to drive positive change with better, long-term relationships and more efficient ways of working. The CLC will give its support to engage the industry to play its part in embedding the Playbook recommendations across our sector”.

James Wimpenny chief executive of BAM Construct UK commented saying that: “Critically, the UK Government is now saying that it wants the sector to be more profitable.

“Too many companies have failed, and jobs lost, because the risks firms have taken on were too high for the wafer-thin margins made. That has to change and BAM welcomes the Government’s recognition that using longer term and fairer contracting arrangements, so companies in the sector can make a proper return.”

The chairman of Graham Group Michael Graham  added weight to the Construction Playbook saying that: “This is a fantastic opportunity for industry and the Government to come together and change the face of UK construction to deliver sustained value for money and a more stable, productive industry.

“The launch of the Construction Playbook is only the start of the journey and we look forward to playing our role to help deliver these better outcomes.”

After the high profile failings of Carillon and other large companies taking Government contracts as reported by the Government is looking to bolster its procedures in awarding, Hospitals, schools and infrastructure projects.