Trustmark hits 5 million users

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The TrustMark scheme hit over 5 million users and reported massive increases in users of there website and telephone helpline

During 2013, the average number of details displayed across all trades rose by 36% compared to the same period in 2012 with solar panel installers up a massive 131%, installers for cavity, internal and external wall insulation aloso increased to  92% and window installers and glaziers 70% saw the largest rise last year, which is being hailed as a massive success.

The government backed tradesmen scheme Trust mark has proved a massive success according to Stuart Carter, Head of PR & Marketing at TrustMark, said: “Soaring energy prices coupled with extreme weather have been key contributors for homeowners seeking out ou

Trust Mark
Trust Mark

r tradesmen last year.  We are delighted to see such high figures as it shows that consumers are searching for qualified and reputable tradesman to do their work rather than looking on any ‘find a trader’ websites, which carry out little or no checks on the firms they are listing.”

During  December with one of the wettest months on record and with the high winds, TrustMark saw a considerable surge in demand from the previous month for fence installers (65%), underground waterproofing specialists (65%) and flood recovery specialists (313%). The severe weather conditions experienced throughout the UK would have contributed significantly to these growths.

The  TrustMark scheme highlights the need for quality approved firms and there technical skills which  have been independently checked through on-site inspections to ensure a high quality of workmanship and trading practices.  TrustMark is currently the only scheme that requires qualified inspectors to do these visits, so that technical competence is checked as well as business practices and customer satisfaction.

TrustMark continues to expand its database of over 14,500 individual firms in the UK, providing national coverage with more than 21,000 licenced trades searchable on its database.