New study shows facts about how builders spend thier days

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A study of 500 tradesmen sought to profile the daily lives of Britain’s Builders, and found the average builder clocks up 262 miles a week, with almost one in ten doing more than 600 miles a week. Most builders have at least four projects currently on the go, with one-tenth worrying about non-payers.

The research, which was commissioned by Origin, UK manufacturer of bespoke aluminium bi-folding doors, found the average builder wakes up by 6.24am and is out of the door by 7.20am on a week day. The usual clocking off time is 5.30pm, with the average builder working a 40 to 50 hour week. All being well, most said they’re able to put their feet up by 7.15pm well who could blame them.

Andy Halsall, Managing Director at Origin, said: “We all know that no two builders are the same, but wanted to show just how hard they work and the pressure they are under, as many are on their feet for over 10 hours a day carrying out physical activity, plus worrying about finances, employee retention and customer satisfaction, as well as keeping up with the latest Building Regulations, energy-efficient solutions and sustainable technologies.”

Indeed, when asked about the most stressful aspects of their working lives builders were most likely to cite the British weather (30%), followed by unreliable staff (19%) and unreasonable customers (19%), as well as over 16% of builders struggling with their finances as they juggle multiple projects, customer demands and deadlines.

It was also found that 63% of builders would prefer to buy British products, but when asked who was the main culprit for holding up a job or building project the majority of builders blamed manufacturers or suppliers for not getting the materials to them in time.

Halsall adds: “Builders have to deal with a mixture of worries, all of which take their toll. But most go that extra mile to deliver a project that exceeds the customer’s expectations – we should all be championing UK builders.”

“Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about the British weather, but suppliers should be helping builders meet their demands”

Interesting how radio 2 is the choice for builders to listen to while they work.

Keep up the good work.