Glow in the dark pavements and roads

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Well it sounds a bit sci fi but its being trialed in Cambridge City council the surface developed by Pro-Teq Surfacing UK Ltd sores sunlight during the day and allowing particles in the aggregate material to glow at night.

The new Starpath can be sprayed on to any existing road surface and is being tested in Christ’s Pieces park in Cambridge Cambridgeshire.

The inventors of the material believe it is the best solution for councils coming under pressure to save cash by turning off streetlights at night.

Hamish Scott, Owner of Pro-Teq Surfacing (UK) Ltd said: “There is nothing like Starpath in the world”.


He said: “It looks like a standard pathway in the daytime, but of an evening will give off a glow in darkness.”

“We found a niche in the market, where a lot of councils are cutting power in the evening so the pathway network cannot be seen.

“Now we can establish where the pathways are for the users, making it a bit safer for everybody.”

“This product adjusts to the natural light, so if it is pitch black outside the luminous natural earth enhances, and if the sky is lighter, it won’t release as much luminosity – it adjusts accordingly, its almost like it has a mind of its own.”

The system has recently been sprayed onto the existing pathway that runs through Christ’s Pieces park and is used by pedestrians and cyclists during the day and night.

Scott said, “Councils spend significant sums of money fully replacing existing pathways when the existing surfaces have reached the end of their practical life.

“Our product is cost effective, fast to apply and fast to set, is an anti-slip surface, while the client has a choice of size and colour of aggregate.

“Once the aggregate is laid we apply a finishing coat, which is specially formulated to ensure the surface is water-resistant, and provides longevity to the finished product.”