Tower scaffold collapse caught on dash cam (video)

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A driver’s dash cam caught the dramatic moment when a tower scaffold collapsed onto a road in Buckingham last week where two men were seen falling from the tower but weren’t seriously injured.

The footage shows the men had added a ladder onto of the scaffold tower which you should not do, then the video shows the tower ladder and workers flung into the road just missing a car and the ladder hitting the back of the vehicle.


The driver of the car with the dash cam Thomas Ambrose told ITV news: “I was just driving along the road like I do every day when I noticed the scaffolding falling into the road.

“I was shocked when I then saw the people also fall into the road, but thankful that it didn’t happen two seconds later or they would have fallen under my car.

“The two guys seemed okay and got up right away.

“They then put the scaffolding back up.”