All construction workers see rise in wages in March 2021

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Bricklayers carpenters and most other tradesmen have seen a rise in wages with demand for skilled labour out stripping supply this has seen worker in the construction industry see their highest monthly of earnings since the start of the pandemic.

Hudson Contract which is one of the largest payers of subcontractors, saw a weekly pay rise by 3.7% to £920 during March, the highest figure since February 2020.

The wage per week has reached an all time high in the East of England (£1,016) and the East Midlands (£968). While all regions with the exception of Wales had good month to month earnings rises

Managing director, Ian Anfield of Hudsons contact commended saying that: “Our latest figures show that self-employed tradespeople are reaping the rewards for their enterprise and efforts.

Rise in tradesmen wages through March
Rise in tradesmen wages through March

“Many have carried on during lockdowns to deliver the housing and infrastructure that Britain relies on.”

He continued: “We continue to see strong demand for skilled labour on building sites and many of our clients are reporting full order books.
“The housing market is booming due to the stamp duty holiday and government is committed to infrastructure spending across the UK.”