Top lawyer to review construction playbook

This post has already been read 169 times! reported about the new framework to help larger construction projects deliver on time and on budget with minimal impact on the environment and with a large focus on training and bringing youth into construction.

David Mosey who is Professor of King’s College London, has been appointed to lead an independent review of public sector construction frameworks.

Professor Mosey is also specialist construction lawyer with more than 30 years in construction and with vast experience in the field.

The Framework Review will lead to recommendations for:

  • the components of a ‘gold standard’ against which new proposed frameworks and framework contracts can be measured
  • standard contract terms that support the new gold standard
  • training packages to enable adoption of the new gold standard

Recommendations will enable contracting authorities to identify those frameworks which meet best practices and embody the policies set out in the playbook.

The Construction Playbook was launched last December containing 14 key policy reforms to enable ‘faster, better, greener’ construction.

One of these key policy reforms is ‘Effective Contracting’, designed to ensure that contracts are structured to “support an exchange of data, collaboration, improve value and manage risk with clear expectations for continuous improvement and consistent with the principles contained within the Construction Playbook.”

The Construction Playbook contains a commitment to undertaking a review of current construction frameworks.

The government said: “Across the public and private sectors, there are a wide variety of frameworks and a lack of clear guidance as to their preferred structure and ‘best practice’ features.

“As a result, the potential of frameworks is not always well expressed or well understood and they are not always successful in delivering their aims.

“Recommendations for the adoption and use of the most suitable framework structures and features are necessary in order to provide clear drivers that will deliver the policies set out in the Construction Playbook.”

To download the current playbook please use this link.