Does DURASKIRT™ Hold Up Under Freezing & Thawing?

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Is DURASKIRT™ A Good Cold Climate Skirting Product?

A History Behind the Making of DURASKIRT™

This is a legitimate question because we began by desiring to make the best cold weather skirting product. We hope this article will answer this question to your satisfaction. DURASKIRT™ went through an engineering and designing process before manufacturing our famous concrete board skirting panels which took into consideration the various climates the skirting would be exposed to.

You’ll be glad to know this question and more were addressed during the design and manufacturing processes. Consequently, durable concrete panel skirting was made possible. Indeed, it is now installed on thousands of homes across our great nation with great results.

Beginning In 2000

In 2000 Creative Concrete Products LLC began manufacturing, selling, and installing DURASKIRT™ in several states. These states have some of the nation’s most severe and varying weather conditions. So, you can imagine we needed to pass rigorous testing. As people considered various house skirting ideas, we wanted to provide a concrete skirting panel system for their homes that they could trust.

True Quality – How Durable Is DURASKIRT™?

Not to give away all our proprietary secrets, but DURASKIRT™ blends a quality concrete additive package into the panels. The characteristics of these concrete additives provide our panels with unique properties. For example, our concrete board panels resisting cracking and chipping during freeze/thaw conditions. They also help to prevent expansion or warping during hot and cold temperature changes.

The designers of this product were both educated for decades in concrete construction. Likewise, they worked for years with manufactured homes, modular homes, and site-work contractors. This provided an uncommon resume qualifying them for designing and engineering a high-quality product like DURASKIRT™.

Exceptional Circumstances

An exceptional set of circumstances birthed this new house skirting idea, a concrete panel system that succeeded when hundreds of others had failed in their attempts. Truly, the breakthrough came from a dream and vision, of all places (a story for later).

Two Schools of Thought

At any rate, beginning our perfect skirting quest the manufactured home industry basically had two schools of thought. One was cheap or inexpensive and the other was quality, durability, and longevity.  Since both schools of thought have their places, our idea was to marry the two who gave birth to DURASKIRT™.

Certain Design Stipulations

Foremost, the panels must look great and function well for years in adverse climates. Secondly, they had to be cost-effective for meeting the manufactured home industry’s desire for affordable homes. These guiding principles set the stage for designing, testing, and building a manufacturing and molding process that meets the high standards of good looks, durability, and reasonable cost.

Note – No Outside Help

It should be noted that no government or private grants were obtained during the years of research and development processes. This isn’t because we didn’t have a need for outside capitalization, it was more because we like challenges and didn’t want to deal with the red-tape and interference from the sources of these grants. Therefore, we were able to make the product without unnecessary distractions, devoting our time to making them the best house skirting product available.

Understanding Lean

“Free” money doesn’t always make for the best environment. Rather, we wanted an unencumbered environment that was lean and challenging, similar, to the industry we were manufacturing this product to serve.

In our 20+ years of manufacturing and installing DURASKIRT™ we have gained both detractors and supporters. It has been a challenge to fight against outdated notions for acceptance of progressive products like ours, but we have sought to help the people who need skirting, not impress self-proclaimed industry “gurus”.

Many of our strongest supporters are our customers who have experienced first-hand the value of DURASKIRT™. However, it’s noteworthy that many of our current customers were once skeptics from the industry who have since been converted to strong supporters. Especially when they see that DURASKIRT™ is the best cold weather skirting product.

For everyone who had been asking, “why doesn’t someone make a quality, affordable, and durable skirting product for our industry?” We believe DURASKIRT™ is the long-awaited answer to their question.

We Began Selling Mobile Home Skirting Kits In 2011

Starting in 2011 with the newest molding process we began to sell mobile home skirting kits nationally. These DIY skirting kits have become more than half of our business and will continue to grow. The kits are sold to contractors and homeowners who desire a quality skirting product made of concrete.

“Does DURASKIRT™ Do What You Say It Can for Us?”

Still, consumers are right in asking “does DURASKIRT™ do what you say it can for us?”  Of course, we say “is 21+ years of quality service and real-world testing proof?”  Further, “does an engineer stamp help?” We believe the answer is, “Yes!

If not, perhaps, our customer service will win you over. We are committed to providing you not only a great product but a great experience.

We welcome all our customers to our family. Yes, we consider you a family because families share the truth and care for one another. We are thankful for everyone that purchases DURASKIRT™. Many of our sales come by word of mouth. So, we want to back up your words when we serve your family and friends.

Thank you!

Richard and David Imus

Creative Concrete Products, LLC

Note 1: Originally written in 2014 and updated in 2019 and again in 2020.

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