Uk’s first non PVC eco-friendly scaffolding wrap

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The Uk’s first and we hope not the last eco-friendly scaffolding wrap, which is being showcased at Newson’s Yard in Belgravia, a former builder’s yard located at 63 Pimlico Road in London.

The site which is being developed by Grosvenor estates will consist of flats and high end retail units in the former builders yard.

The new PVC free banners which are used to disguise the scaffold in place during the refurbishment of the traditional shop frontage, which will highly improve the area while the work is being completed.

Grosvenor Estate were delighted to be the launch partner and trailblazers of Embrace’s unique new PVC-free banners – an industry-disrupting new solution that dramatically enhances the environmental credentials of materials used in the industry.

The high-resolution photography of a Rabanna print on cotton supplied by Fermoie, local creators of fabrics with a original twist are also from a nearby store on the Pimlico Road.

The PVC-free banners are manufactured from a reusable textile which ultimately can be reused and will not be put straight into land fill once there life has ended.

When we compare this to PVC there is no contest in the green credentials, Embrace have also conduced pull tests showing the PVC-free banners can withstand up to 774 kg on average which is more than sufficient for high winds and ensures structural integrity of the material

The material can also be used again or be repurposed and even if it is unusable it still has very small impact on the environment.