Redrow and Barratt homes to use electronic CSCS checks

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Barratt and Redrow homes have committed to checking all CSCS cards with a new web based technology to confirm the user of the card and the card itself are genuine saving 500 man hours for Barrat Homes in one year alone.

The new web based checking service which has been developed in partnership with CITB, CSCS, and the HTB which is called allows the site manager to check the authenticity o the CSCS card easily

The new software and website is freely available free to all HBF members.

HBF’s director of external affairs John Slaughter said: “HBF members have undertaken audits of CSCS cards on their sites for some time.

“Although it’s a vital process to check that site workers have the correct qualifications to carry out their jobs, it has been time consuming and relied on manual data entry.

“Through a successful trial, this new service has already shown that it not only significantly reduces the time taken to record the information but also improves the accuracy of reporting too.”

The importance of checking CSCS cards has been highlighted recently with the exposure by the BBC of fraudulent safety tests.

Graham Wren, CSCS chief executive, commented saying: “The BBC’s investigations demonstrate the importance of employers using the technology embedded in the CSCS card to help tackle fraud.

“A recent CSCS survey revealed only a small percentage of sites are using the Smart technology to check CSCS cards.

“People obtaining qualifications fraudulently are not qualified to do their job and cannot demonstrate the required level of health and safety needed to operate safely on a UK construction site.

“Home builders who use this application will be able to ensure that their sites aren’t open to fraudulent workers gaining access.”

Phil Evans, grants and funding manager at Barratt commented saying: “We have calculated that this tool will save us around 500 working days per year by enabling site managers to swipe CSCS cards with a USB pen which captures all the information needed and automatically enters it into our own systems with no input required from admin staff.”