LABC and FMB join forces for members

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FMB and LABC have joined forces to promote quality and guidance for FMB members with all the knowledge in one place for users of the service and the point of contact being the LABC.The combination of bodies offers advice on a huge range of topics including structure, foundations, sound insulation and thermal insulation – all specially tailored for FMB members.

The partnership is about promoting quality building, while ensuring contractors get any guidance and help they want.

LABC has more than 3,000 surveyors across every local authority in England and Wales, and also has formal inks with Local Authority Building Standards Scotland LABSS and Building Control Northern Ireland BCNI. With expert knowledge on all issues relating to Building Regulations, from means of escape and fire engineering, through to energy efficiency and sustainability; no other building control body can provide the same level of technical support combined with local knowledge.

What does this mean for FMB members?

Technical guidance
FMB members now have exclusive access to LABC’s technical documents all in one place. This will allow members to search through a wealth of information, guidance and advice on a huge range of topics including structure, foundations, sound insulation and thermal insulation – all specially tailored for FMB members. As well as technical guidance, LABC will be offering access to training courses. With rules and conditions always changing, having professionals at the forefront of application will be a huge help.


Your own LABC team
One of the most exciting aspects of the partnership is that FMB members are being given the unique opportunity to partner with an individual local authority building control team. We’re all too aware of how inconsistently Building Regulations are applied between local authorities and how frustrating it can be when you’re trying to get your project off the ground. That’s why a single account manager will work with FMB members regardless of where they build in England and Wales making certification far simpler to achieve. Moreover, registration with LABC will allow simplified fees and invoicing, quick access to expert advice, competitive pricing, electronic submissions and unique access to regular technical updates and training events. Members even get to choose a team they like working with!

Access to additional services
Another issue that we hear about a lot is the complications of actually getting the numerous kinds of certifications needed to sign off on a project. Ever been asked for a SAP, structural calculations, a fire risk assessment, acoustic or air pressure test and don’t know where to get one? LABC now offers to supply members with all of these and more, including energy assessments such as BREEAM and EPC, FRACS-accredited fire risk assessments, UKAS-accredited acoustic consultancy & testing and many, many more.

Registered details
The partnership is also offering access to Registered Details, a one-off certification process that proves compliance with Building Regulations and standards. It streamlines Building Regulation decisions and makes specifying and purchasing easier. Plus it’s the only UK-wide scheme of its kind supported by all local authorities in England and Wales

Recognition from the largest provider of building control services to the construction industry is something we’re extremely proud of. Since the FMB took the decision to vet every one of our firms, we’ve put quality at the centre of our membership criteria and collaborating with LABC is not only a huge benefit to every one of our members, but also serves as an endorsement of their skill and professionalism. LABC Chief Executive Paul Everall says: “We would rather that the public can find a master builder whose business is properly run, uses contracts and is demonstrably competent as a builder. It makes LABC’s task of ensuring Building Regulations compliance much easier if we know that the home owners are using recognised businesses.”

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