Brick prices have risen by 9% in six months

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Brick prices have risen by 9% during the first six months of this year due to soaring demand according to manufacturer Michelmersh with prices rising from £387 per thousand to £422 per thousand.

The price rises come which were released today on 20/7/2015 are on top of 13.5% price increases reported by Michelmersh in 2014.

Construction recovery
Brick prices increase

The brick makers saw brick sales rise to 36m from 34m with production in the period also increased from 34m to 35m but stock levels fell further to just six weeks supply even with the increased output.

Michelmersh has also warned that current stock levels“cannot fall further whilst still able to provide a timely and reliable service to our customers.”

Chairman Eric Gadsen commented: “More recently there are signs that the period of frenetic growth has ceased and competitive forces are strong as the construction industry has responded to the increased level of activity and have adjusted their purchasing and stock processes accordingly.

“However the structural balance of supply and demand should ensure that brick manufacturing remains a busy and profitable sector.”