New Kingspan insulation calculator

Kingspan have launched a brand new online U-value calculator which is free to use and requiers no registration and is approved under the TIMSA/BBA compettecy scheme and has some 6,000 calculations for pitched and flat roofs, walls and floors ready to use from you mobile or desktop.


U-values can be calculated eaisly via the mobile and desktop friendly site and it will walk you through a series of quick questions about your specification which could be building type and existing insulation . If you get stuck, simply click on the question mark icon and a tooltip box will appear with plain English advice there is even an can even save your progress at any time by bookmarking the calculation.


U−Values have been calculated under a trusted management system certified to the BBA Scheme for Assessing the Competency of Persons to Undertake U–Value and Condensation Risk Calculations. All calculations have been checked to be free of condensation risk.

6,000 Calculations

We’ve packed more than 6,000 different construction build-up calculations into this tool. Although that seems a lot we can’t possibly show every one, so if yours is different from those shown, please contact us.

To ensure accuracy, all U-values within the tool have been pre-calculated by a member of Kingspan Insulation’s Technical Services Department who is approved under the ‘BBA/TIMSA Scheme for Calculation Competency Part 1 – U-value and condensation risk’. Where appropriate, these calculations even take into account fixings and bridging factors, meaning you can be confident that the calculation you get is correct for the build-up you have selected.

Available Thicknesses

We show all thicknesses of products in this calculator, however not all thicknesses may currently be stocked, so please check with Kingspan Insulation Customer Service Department on for stocked items.

Laws and Regulations

Recommendations for use should be verified for suitability and compliance with actual requirements, specifications and any applicable laws and regulations.


Sitework and installation guidance can be found in the product brochures on our website, which are linked from inside the calculator. For further information please contact our technical team on .

When you’redone doing your calculations  the program will instantly provide you with a recommended insulation solution and thickness, along with the resulting U-value easy as that . If the thickness of insulation or U-value isn’t enough you can alter it until it meets the reqested U-Value. You can also bookmark and use the  “Email Me This” fuction , whcih will help you have the full calculation emailed to you in print friendly pdf format.