BAM bans Man UTD shirts on Man City training ground

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Construction workers were a bit miffed when they were told to take their Man UTD shirts off or get of site. The issue came to a head when labourers were spotted wearing Man Utd colours on the job. One worker told the Manchester Evening News: “Because the weather has been so nice a lot of the lads have been wearing football shirts.

Manchester United Shirts banned
Manchester United Shirts banned

“Some of those have been United shirts but on Tuesday two lads wearing United shirts were told to cover them up or get off the site. “They asked why and were told that there was a no-football shirt policy.

They said it was in the rules but it’s the first we’ve heard of it.” BAM said it operates a blanket ban on football shirts at all of their sites around the world. Ian Fleming, from BAM Construction, told the MEN: “BAM took the decision from the start of this project to ban all football shirts on site to avoid any partisan alliances being brought into the work place.

“This policy is reinforced in all subcontractors terms of reference. We are treating any football shirts, no matter what the team, in the same way. “We may have missed some but are striving to enforce the policy site wide.” Talk about control freaks ?