British steel raises prices again by £100 per tonne

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British steel has raised prices again due to cost pressures in the production of and transportation of steel with many large builders and contractors expecting the rise.

This comes as the latest in a series of price rises over the past two years that have reported on, with the last being in August.

Other price rises in January of this year Steel prices rise by £50 per tonne are the latest in a long line of price increase that builders and contractors will have to pass on to customers.

In a letter sent out to major buyers Ben Cunliffe said: “Due to extreme energy prices and the direct impact on steelmaking costs, I am writing to inform you that British Steel will be raising transaction prices for structural sections by £150 per tonne for all new orders with immediate effect.

“This is in addition to the Announcement of 15th August 2022.”

This comes after the record steel rises in march of £250 per tonne Shock as steel prices rise again industry left reeling

This is ramping up the costs for all when other price rises for bricks, roofing tiles, sheet materials, timber, paint, palstics and bricks with supply chains still feeling the pressure due to transport costs.