HS2 Green tunnel segments at Chipping Warden “get ok”

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Issues with the concrete segments that need to be constructed to make the Chipping Warden tunnel were found during sonic testing on the precast concrete structure, have now been given the ok and work can continue the manufacture.

Work was stopped around a month ago that were reported by nationaltardesmen.co.uk at the time when the issues in the manufacture were found with 5,020 segments needing to be made in total for this part of the green tunnel.

All 13,290 segments for Chipping Warden, Greatworth and Wendover are being made by Derbyshire-based Stanton Precast Ltd, in a deal that is set to create up to 100 jobs at their Ilkeston factory an increase in their workforce of around 50%. New production sheds, casting and storage areas are also being built at the factory to accommodate the new work.

A spokes person for HS2 commenting on the production of the arches that will be cover over eventually said that:”Chipping Warden is the first of three green tunnels made of pre-cast segments and it’s important that we take the time to get the quality assurance and installation process right. Initial test results have been positive and we are actively engaging with our supply chain partners to ensure that we are ready to restart assembly as soon as possible. Meanwhile, excavation and foundation works are progressing well and off-site segment production is ongoing.”