Can I go to work as a builder, carpenter, bricklayer or tradesmen in tier 4

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Here at we have ben inundated with requests about tier 4 working within the construction industry so what’s the question we are being asked the most “Can I go to work as a builder, carpenter, bricklayer, tradesmen or woman”.

The short answer is yes but you must follow the guidance which we have detailed below.

Government guidance says that

Construction sites have not been asked to close, so work can continue if it is done safely.

But employers, contractor and sub contractors must make sure that their workers on-site are able to follow the public health guidance this means social distancing and making sure that one way systems are in place and ensuring hand wash is available onsite to help control the virus.

The governments official word on this is below.

Employers should consider responsible arrangements for ensuring their workers can travel in line with this advice, such as through staggering site hours to reduce public transport use during peak periods. We will keep these arrangements under constant review and take any steps required.

It is, therefore, possible for construction work to continue in the current context. Those responsible for commissioning building safety work, such as the remediation of high-rise buildings with unsafe ACM cladding, and the construction companies undertaking the work, should consider how best to proceed and/or mitigate the risks arising from such work being paused. has widely reported on the hime of the virus and the guidance being given by the CITB and CLC who have given guidance about working through the pandemic.

We have had many reports of domestic work being paused or stopped all together because clients do not want to take the risk of catching the virus and the risk of work being paused once it has started due to lock downs and other restrictions.

To assist the industry the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) have provided further guidance on site operating procedures and how construction sites should operate safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CLC has also published advice to industry on the temporary suspension of sites where this is relevant. We will update this page as further advice is produced.

When considering their position employers may also refer to the latest Public Health England guidance to employers on reducing the spread of COVID-19.

For further information go to the business support pages on GOV.UK.