New website launched for buying CBD oils

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New online store for

web design has been building a brand new online store for selling CBD oils and other CBD products.

WE were given the brief for a new site which needed to be fully responsive and use the latest technologies to make the purchasing of products as simple as possible so we opted for Woo commerce which has good basic fictionality and looks of scope for future selling and up selling.

The site would need a medical and grocery store feel and because of the amount of products and potential extra new products we needed a mega menu with multiple dropdown areas.

Some of the extra features we implemented are as follows.

  • Products carousel, latest posts carousel
  • Grid view and list view for shop page
  • Product Quick View supported
  • Search Product AJAX supported
  • Product Wishlist supported
  • Product Compare supported
  • Product Video supported
  • Product Countdown supported
  • Product Size Guide supported
  • WooCommerce Currency Switcher supported
  • WooCommerce Flash Sale supported
  • WooCommerce Recently Viewed supported
  • WooCommerce Photo Reviews supported
  • Instagram Element supported

The shop has its own separate pages and products can be added through the CMS the site is operational but not live.

The slider is built with slider revolution and will be hidden in mobile as personally I don’t like sliders in any thing smaller than tablet as they are to bunched up.

The site must also address the knowledge around CBD and the health benefits so the news will be centred around information and there will also be separate info pages with dropdown info.

We have also done the branding and including logo which will be on all the products including.

  • CBD oils
  • CBD beauty products
  • CBD Vape oil
  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD creams

Here is the branding for the site which incorporates a cannabis leaf and the site name which will be on all of the boxes and the creams.

CBD Buy CBD oils from

Anyway enough of me waffling on about the site take a look here