New guidance says tradesmen can work till 9pm

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The Government has explained plans for construction sites with working hours being extended to evenings and weekends this includes residential areas to take pressure off public transport.

In a new statement on Wednesday 13th May the housing secretary Robert Jenrick said “local planning authorities were now expected to approve requests to extend construction working hours temporarily until 9pm from Monday to Saturday in residential areas.”

Robert Jenrick also said that builders could also work beyond this in non-residential areas unless there were very compelling reasons not to do so.

But if longer or more abnormal changes to working hours are required, a formal application would be requested by the local planning authority, he said. If builders and contractors want to apply they  must  consider others and follow best practice.

Where there were significant local concerns, councils would be free to reject applications seeking night or Sunday working.

But the Government said longer hours may be justified, especially if there were no residential dwellings nearby.