Should I go to work as a builder ? Gove says work can continue

This post has already been read 8882 times! has been looking over the facts about carrying on working in the crisis, and it seems that construction workers are not key workers, but as long as they can keep safe distance from others it is fine to carry on working according to Michel Gove who did a interview with Piers Morgan on GMB.

In the wake of the serious implementations of these sweeping measures, communities and housing secretary Robert Jenrick tweeted advice for construction workers which said: ‘If you are working on site, you can continue to do so.’ Therefore, many people are looking for clarification as to whether construction workers are considered essential workers and whether or not they will be permitted to return work amid this lockdown.

Further more to clarify if the sites themselves are not shut down and you can keep a safe distnmace from others you can carry on


During an interview on Good Morning Britain, host Piers Morgan said: ‘This is falling into that vague ambiguity category, what you have said is ambiguous, you don’t know if you should be going into work today.’ Mr Gove responded: ‘Only people doing jobs that are critical to the economy should, and should continue practising safe social distancing.’ He subsequently added: ‘It is the case for many construction workers that they can travel to the site without being in contact with others, ‘If you are reconstructing or building a home in which there is no one present, but if you are talking about work that involves a builder coming into your home – that would be deemed not appropriate.’