Persimmon ridiculed for no “Actual build policy”

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On one the UK’s largest house builders Persimmon has come under fire for not having minimum construction standards for its homes after a serious of reports thought the media on defect homes.

A lengthy report commissioned by the company found Persimmon “does not have a Group build policy, which increases the risk of build defects.”

It also highlighted a lack of supervision for employees and subcontractors on sites.

The company review was carried-out following complaints about build quality from buyers.

It recommends the widespread implementation of a “Persimmon Way” to improve construction standards.

Roger Devlin, Chairman of Persimmon, said: “The review found that Persimmon had focused on policies around inspections immediately before and after the sale of a home, rather than those governing build quality inspections.

“In my view, this is one of its central findings and I am encouraged that the Company is already embracing the review’s recommendations in this area through significant operational investment and procedural change.

“Our Construction Working Group will focus on ensuring that our new policies and processes fully address this critical finding.”

To read the full report click here. has highlighted the issues with Persimmon homes in various articles that have been in the wake of the Home Buy scandal and the HUGE bonus paid to its bosses yet to name a few.

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