BREXIT: How will it affect the construction industry?

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With the continuous uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the deadline fast approaching, we asked our customers to give their thoughts on how they feel Brexit is going to affect the construction industry.

592 of our customers answered questions relating to the industry and Brexit. As shown in the graphs below, many are concerned that there will be a lack of skilled workers post-brexit and that investment within the construction industry will decrease. It is believed that the doubt surrounding Brexit has hindered and slowed down projects due to costings and delivery delays. This is the biggest worry for a vast majority of our customers with 78.4% believing that Brexit has caused many projects to be put on hold. Additionally, Brexit uncertainty is affecting the confidence of investors; this is because the relationship between Britain and EU is yet to be made clear and a deal is still needing to be agreed. As our results show, 44% of our customers believe investments will continue to decrease.

City Hire’s Sales Director, Lionel Burgess says: “With the uncertainty around the supply of materials sourced from outside the UK, contractors are waiting to see how their costs change before committing to a project at the risk of losing money.”

See below for all the results of our survey:

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How do you think Brexit will affect the building industry in the coming months.

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