Independent quality inspectors called in by Persimmon

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Persimmon is rolling out a team of independent construction quality inspectors to vet its site delivery across the country.

The construction quality independent hit squad will operate apart from site management teams to ensure that homes are to built to required standards.

Persimmon said the approach was designed to help enforce ongoing cultural change based on the principles and recommendations of the Hackitt Review into building standards.

This new team will strengthen the house builder’s existing site inspection regime conducted by its construction teams, our sub-contract partners and independent building control third parties.

The firm said: “In addition, we have changed our internal management processes to start to embed the principle of “the golden thread of information” highlighted in the Hackitt Review, which will help our teams more clearly identify and manage the key risks we face on each of our development sites, particularly regarding building safety.”

The house builder, which announced half-year profits level at £513m today, said it was now directly employing nearly 2,000 tradespeople – more than than any other house builder.


Last month Persimmon introduced an industry-first retention scheme for home buyers to protect them from construction problems.

The scheme will see 1.5% of a home’s value withheld by the buyer’s solicitor until any build faults are resolved.

The average amount withheld based on current selling prices will be around £3,600 per home.

Half-year completions slipped 6% to just over 7,580 as the house builder focused on delaying sales release to later stages of construction.

Underlying operating margin for the first six months rose to 31% from 30% last year.

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