CPCS could be bought out by consortium

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Rumours about the offloading of CPCS from the CITB to a privately run consortium have emerged after a review industry’s plant skills card scheme.

The CITB own CPCS as a non for profit scheme for the plant industry training, it seems that this could be off loaded to new stakeholders who have not yet been revealed.

CPCS is currently owned by the CITB and run by a management committee of trade bodies and unions as reported here by national tradesmen.

An internal source commented saying  “The CITB is looking to offload the scheme which seems odd because it works well and makes money.”

Carl Rhymer, Delivery and Customer Engagement Director at CITB, said: “A review of how the Construction Plant Certification Scheme can improve services to its customers is currently taking place.

“Industry leaders from Build UK, CECA, CPA and CITB are involved in this process.

“As with any other organisation, it’s important that we review all of our products and services to ensure they continue to meet the needs of our customers.

“CPCS will continue to operate as normal while talks are ongoing and customers will be kept up to date with any outcomes resulting from these discussions.”


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