Work experience in construction “WE Can”

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The new government initiative aims to help provide more youngsters with the chance to benefit from work experience placements, something Employment Minister Priti Patel says will boost their prospects of getting a job.

CITB are one of many organisations already backing the work experience campaign, and it is hoped that many more will now come on board and offer work experience placements.

The initiative will include the appointment of youth ambassadors, who will offer young people advice on how to get a placement.

Ms Patel says the campaign aims to help young people gain valuable skills as well as an insight into the world of work.

She said: “Young people tell me they can’t get a job without work experience, but they can’t get work experience without a job.

“That is why we are launching the WEcan campaign to give young people practical advice about making the most of their summer holidays – and beyond – to gain valuable business skills.

“With 14 million jobs likely to open up in the UK in the next decade, this one nation government wants young people to be at the forefront of the opportunities to get the best start in life.”

We can graph
We can graph


CITB supports work experience in construction through its Experience Construction Project (ECP), which is a work experience programme that allows applicants and employers to make the right choice before they fill an apprenticeship place.

CITB will be supporting the WEcan campaign in the coming weeks by highlighting those in the construction industry that are supporting work experience in the sector.