ECA survey says agency workers affects standards

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Survey from the ECA (Electrical Contractors’ Association) concludes that contractors are finding difficulties competing with contractors using agency workers with %60 of contractors using their own workforce say that they are losing contacts to others using agency workers.


The Electrical Contractors Association are concerned  about the standard of labor supplied by agencies and that many agency workers are not fully qualified or they will be one skilled guy looking after 3 laborers and that the tendering process was unfair because of the use of cheap agency labor vrs properly qualified electrical employees  .

Although the need for agency workers is still acknowledged by %40 of those surveyed said that agency workers were needed as a part of a flexible workforce.

Some of the concerns raised by ECA survey respondents were as follows:

  • Unqualified and low skilled labourers taking on electrical work
  • Negative impact on the recruitment of apprentices
  • The use of self-employed workers who may not be paying their taxes
  • Firms not being compliant with Joint Industry Board (JIB) regulators

Alex Meikle ECA Director of Employment and skills commented  : “There is concern among many small electrical firms that a ‘level playing field’ no longer exists when bidding for contracts.

“These businesses say they cannot compete with firms employing lots of agency workers – which include some who may not be paying their taxes.

“The government should ensure that all contracts meet Joint Industry Board standards and tackle any scam payment methods being used.”