Timber framing continues to grow

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Of site timber framing has many benefits especially in these cold months  and can mitigate many of the perils like snow and wet weather building through the winter is a good way to ensure all year round revenues.

Many of these seasonal delays can be avoided by off site construction including timber famed systems which can be weather tight, air tight, secure and fully insulated within 72 hours, and there is no requirement to wait for appropriate weather for building, compare this to the the normal 18 weeks for masonry home for a finished product to the timber framed product which can be completed within 13 weeks.

Alex Goodfellow who is the  group managing director of Stewart Milne Timber Systems  house builders can help to deliver products including timber framed structures and new housing stock in line with ongoing demand this in turn drives growth within their own businesses.

Goodfellow commented: “The UK’s cold and wet winter is traditionally a hard time for construction projects. But there are ways to mitigate against unnecessary delays, and the use of timber systems is one way to circumvent seasonal challenges and capitalise on the economic recovery.

“House builders that don’t have to wait for the weather to improve will be at an advantage, and using alternative build methods such as offsite manufacture can be an effective way of meeting deadlines, increasing housing supply and reducing cost.”

Its to the benefit of the construction industry that all year round construction becomes more prolific and more sustainable for construction growth in the UK to continue on its upward trend