Lib Dem 300,000 Housing Target “not so easy”

The Federation of master builders have been speaking out about the lack of housing and the Liberal democrats 300000 new homes target, Brian Berry who is the Chief Executive of the FMB, said: “The Lib Dem’s 300,000 new homes target is the most ambitious yet. If we are to reach anywhere near that level of house building, we would finally be keeping pace with the demand for housing while also starting to address the backlog. Sadly, this hasn’t happened for several decades. The last time we built over 200,000 new homes was in 1988.”

Berry continued: “The introduction of 15 year local plans would help, but more importantly still, the Lib Dems must reinvigorate the SME house building sector through greater access to small sites and improved access to finance.”

Berry concluded: “The intention to create at least ten new garden cities could help increase housing delivery, but it is crucial that the procurement processes for these projects do not shut out SMEs. A balanced and diverse house building industry, which can attract more small firms back into the sector, is essential for a sustainable industry that can develop what is required over the next 15 years and beyond.”

Lets hope for first time buyers  and the construction Industry that we can achieve this.