Ancon Updates Wall Tie Selector App

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Ancon Updates Wall Tie Selector App to improve its range of wall ties available and to feature its extended range of Baslat Fiber Telepo Tiles

The app is available for free to download for both Apple and Android mobile devices, the App makes choosing the most appropriate wall tie for any cavity wall construction quick and easy, whether at home, on-site or in the office.

The original app which was launched last year, the App has recently been updated to feature Ancon’s longer lengths of TeploTie, now available to suit cavity widths up to 450mm.

TeploTie composite wall ties comprise pultruded basalt fibres set in a resin matrix; a material which offers a thermal conductivity of just 0.7W/mK. Their use reduces thermal bridging across the cavity, minimising insulation depth and wall footprint.

In 2012, the Ancon TeploTie was voted “Best Innovation in Insulation” at the prestigious Build It Awards. This success was closely followed by recognition for the App itself which was shortlisted for the Best App/Online Tool Award in 2013.

the app makes availbe these new products and app users simply answer a series of simple multiple-choice questions about cavity wall construction, cavity width, building type and height, and are presented with the ideal wall tie, or ties, from Ancon’s full market-leading range.

The App provides solutions for all standard masonry and thin-joint blockwork, steel frame and timber frame constructions, and cuts out much of the complicated calculation work normally required around product-specific issues, such as tie length, embedment depth and tie type to PD6697. Users are also presented with all the information needed to draft the final specification, from u-value calculation data to geographical restrictions and insulation clip type.