Hardie floor launched by James hardie

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Looks like an interesting concept and having used hardiplank myself I can vouch for the durability it provides and the weatherproof properties that caberdeck or tough and grove chip boards seem to lack. No matter how much we seemed to cover over the water always seemed to get in and the joints would swell, heres what they have to say about this new product.

HardieFloor provides house builders with a durable solution to the issue of having to install a crash deck floor after first lift, prior to installing joists and then having to safeguard it from the weather.

It negates the use of chipboard – with a plastic, supposedly weather tight, film – which can bring about a host of on-site issues, such as swelling and the associated costly and timely remedial works. Instead this new fibre cement floor – which is impervious to all weather types – dries out completely if wet and suffers no long term damage.

Unlike with timber, tiles can be applied directly on to the new boards eliminating the need for additional membranes and adhesive. This provides home buyers and builders with an alternative to vinyl.

Fibre cement is highly conductive meaning the HardieFloor system works very well with under floor heating systems, as it enables much more heat to be transmitted into a room. The robust floor boards do not expand or contract in any way with the heat, ensuring that the tiled floor remains completely intact.

HardieFloor fibre cement boards are NHBC accepted BBA certified, LABC registered and is non-combustible and achieves an A2 classification in fire safety tests.

For me its a good concept and James hardie have a track record of providing quality building solutions it will be interesting to see what durability this stuff has.  To take a look at the full range www.jameshardie.co.uk

James Hardie flooring
James Hardie flooring